Tutorial – How to Design Good PDN Filters

Tue. January 29| 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM | Ballroom C

Pass Type: All Access Pass, Alumni All Access Pass

Track: 11. Power Integrity in Power Distribution Networks

Audience Level: All

Session Type: Tutorial

Description: Today high-performance electronics may require dozens of power filters, yet their design process is often rushed or overlooked. This tutorial gives a summary of best practices and is based on many years of successful power distribution designs. We start with the clear explanation of requirements and design input parameters, followed by the explanation of simple design equations, together with pros and cons of selection of component values and component types and their associated connections and layout. We will show the detailed design of a low-current and a high-current PDN filter, together with simulation and measurement results.

Takeaway: PDN filters are best characterized by voltage transfer functions. Filter performance may be impacted by DC voltage and current applied to the filter. Dynamic models can adequately account for these variations. Simple design equations are offered to create successful filter circuits.


Istvan Novak

Istvan Novak

Senior Principle Engineer


Role: Speaker