Understanding the Test Impacts to Today's High Speed Digital Trends

Wed. January 30| 2:50 PM - 3:30 PM | Chiphead Theater

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Description: The digital world is in the midst of some major changes, resulting in an exciting time to be in the digital world. Just to mention a few of the key changes/trends, we see a fifth generation revolution for PCIExpress and DDR; a possibility of a convergence of DisplayPort, USB and Thunderbolt; and PAM4 moving from communications into your typical high speed digital standards. These changes come on top of the need for much higher speeds and lower power to handle the insatiable demand for more data from our consumers. As we see these trends beginning to impact our roadmaps, it is important to understand what it means to our testing buckets. Of course, Keysight would love for everyone to buy new test equipment, but the ramifications to this testing are more than simply purchasing new equipment. This presentation will discuss the key trends and what you should know as you look to test the latest technologies.

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Brig Asay

Brig Asay

Director Strategic Planning – Internet Infrastructure Group, Communications Measurement Solutions

Keysight Technologies

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