Design of Electronic Control Systems for Quantum Computing

Thu. January 31| 10:15 AM - 10:55 AM | Great America 1

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Description: One of the challenges for the practical realization of quantum computers is the classical control of the individual qubits. Generally speaking, this classical controller needs to generate and acquire long sequences of microwave and DC pulses in order to initialize the qubits, execute the quantum algorithms (gates), and perform the readout of the result. All these pulses need to be generated with perfect real-time control, inter-channel synchronization, and must be phase-coherent. In addition, fast feedback loops are needed to perform quantum error correction much faster than the coherence time of the qubits. All those challenges can only be addressed with cutting-edge scalable microwave electronics and comprehensive software tools.

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Marc Almendros

Marc Almendros

Quantum Engineering Solutions (QES) | General Manager

Keysight Technologies

Role: Speaker