Product Showcase: Samtec 56 Gbps PAM4 Active Product Demonstrator

Thu. January 31| 4:00 PM - 4:15 PM | Booth 737

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Track: Product Showcase

Session Type: Product Showcase

Description: Samtec's Active Product Demonstrator proves 56 Gbps PAM4 based systems are fully realizable today. It's a state-of-the-art prototype combining high-performance interconnects from Samtec and bleeding edge Credo silicon. All interconnects and silicon shown are available.

The open chassis contains line cards utilizing Samtec AcceleRate® Mezzanine (APM6/APF6 Series) and ExaMax® Backplane (EBTM/EBTF-RA Series) connectors. It also showcases Eye Speed® Ultra Low Skew Twinax Cable in AcceleRate® Slim Body Cable Assemblies (ARC6 Series)and Double Density Flyover™ QSFP28 Cable Assemblies (FQSFP-DD Series).

Each line card uses three Credo 16-lane BaldEagle-400 retimer chips capable of generating PRBS31 56 Gbps PAM4 data. The Credo SERDES analyzes the signal for bit error, eye height and eye pattern which is displayed on iPads and a large monitor for visualization.

- 16 lanes connect through AcceleRate® Mezzanine connectors (APM6/APF6 Series).
- 16 lanes connect between line cards using AcceleRate® Slim Body Socket (ARF6 Series) and Cable Assembly (ARC6 Series).
- 16 lanes connect using AcceleRate® Slim Body Cable Assembly (ARC6 Series) and Double Density Flyover™ QSFP28 Cables Assembly (FQSFP-DD Series). A DAC cable connects the 16 lanes with the partner line card.
- 40 lanes connect over a Samtec-designed backplane featuring ExaMAX® Backplane Connectors (EBTM/EBTF-RA Series).

Product Image: here.

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