Product Showcase: EMC Shielding Solutions

Wed. January 30| 2:30 PM - 2:45 PM | Booth 952

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PCB design techniques for Electromagnet Compatibility (EMC).

Many people say that EMC is "voodoo", or there is something unknown in how to combat Electromagnetic Interference in their product design. In fact, it is just the rules of science. This presentation will provide an introduction to this, and show how a true understanding of EMC is all about getting back to basics.

In order to combat the RFI issues discussed in this presentation Harwin offers a line of EMC Shielding products that can simplify the production process, reduce costs and increase reliability. Harwin's range of SMT Shield Clips and compatible Shield Cans provide a straight forward, easy-to-use board level shielding solution. This method avoids introducing hot-spots from manual soldering, which could damage adjacent components. Signal integrity is improved by eliminating through-holes that interfere with the ground plane. Rework or testing is now easy without a de-soldering operation to access components under the can. To provide electrical or grounding connection Harwin also offers an extensive selection of spring contacts in a wide array of styles and working heights. Harwin's EMC Shielding products are provided on tape and reel ready for automated placement.

Presented by: Harwin

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Robert Weber

Robert Weber

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