Rick Eads

Principal Program Manager for Serial Computer Bus Technologies
Keysight Technologies

Rick is a principal program manager at Keysight Technologies for serial computer bus technologies. Rick provides technical leadership in driving standards within industry organizations for PCI Express, CCIX, GenZ, OCP, NVM Express, CEI 4.0, IEEE 802.3, ExpressCard, DDR, SATA, and InfiniBand. He markets test and measurement products covering oscilloscopes and associated compliance software tools, vector network analyzers, bit error ratio testers (BERTs)and EDA tools. Rick earned a MBA from the University of Colorado and holds a BSEE from Brigham Young University with an emphasis on digital design and computer architecture. Rick currently serves as director on the PCISIG board and actively contributes to the development of the PCIe physical layer BASE, CEM, and Test specifications while leading electrical Gold Suite testing at PCI-SIG workshops.